NLP for bots,
and bots for NLP

Esther Seyffarth
Transcript available here.

What's a bot?

So much to learn...

  • How to get interesting content from different corpora!
  • How to use different APIs!
  • How to represent data!
  • How to deal with weird Unicode symbols!
  • How to write every regular expression you ever need!

How to be a #botALLY

#botALLY is special

  • Code of Conduct!
  • Centered around creativity, not economic success!
  • Collaboration and communication!

Things built by bot allies

Are you excited about twitter bots?

  • They'll help you formalize intuitions about language!
  • They'll help you practice various programming tasks!
  • They'll help you meet cool people!
  • They'll help you get into the open source spirit!